After a successful NFL career, I opened a franchise restaurant in which I had two locations. Eleven years of call outs, no shows, restaurant unopened when it should be, having to get out of bed to close the restaurant because the manager quit, I had, had enough. So, we sold the restaurants. But in spite of all that, we enjoyed that the customers depended on us for their lunch and dinner.

So now, we start this waste removal business with the aim of having that same feeling. The feeling that some one is depending on us. So whether you have a 2 hour rental or an ongoing rental, we want to be the company you call and depend on for all your trash removal needs.


Straightforward & Honest

We are a small company operating on the Christian principle of "straightforward and honest". I started out my career as a NFL offensive lineman. One thing I enjoyed the most about being a lineman, was that the game could not began until we came out of the locker room. I felt that some one depended on us.